For over 25 years I have been selling travel…. or to be more specific, selling dreams. For most people who travel for leisure, they are fulfilling some sort of dream. It could be for relaxation, cultural immersion, amusement, spirituality, adventure, education, family heritage, enjoying our planet’s natural beauty – and the list goes on. A good travel-seller will always try to learn first what the motivation behind the journey for the traveler is. It is common for travelers to want a combination of experiences on each trip.

Interestingly, the motivation behind planning my own trips has changed dramatically over the years. At first, it was mostly for adventure. Then it was to learn more about other cultures and their history. Nowadays, it is the combination of new experiences coupled with visiting some of the many wonderful people that I have met on previous trips. I could never have predicted years ago that this would be a major factor in deciding where I go to next. But it is. This is why I love to return to Italy time and time again. I feel now like I am visiting family. And if you have ever sat down to dinner with Italian friends in Italy, you know how fulfilling this is – and filling!

What do you dream of when you think about travel? What influences your decisions of where to go? Has it changed over the years?