About Us

a woman sailing on a cruise

Where To World is a result of years of planning memorable trips around the globe for our awesome and highly-valued clients. It is through them we have learned how best to assist with options and arrangements to make the most out of every journey. In combination with our signature programs in Italy with Where To Italy and our affiliation with Virtuoso Luxury Agency Montecito Village Travel, we offer life-enriching programs throughout the world. Our goal is to ensure your expectations are not only met but are exceeded – and we strive to ensure our clients return to us for future trips and refer others to us. Not an ordinary agency – we are truly all about making your travel dreams a reality.

Founder Gina Ruggiero has been in the travel industry since 1994. Unable to always find the “perfect holiday experience” for many of her clients, she sets out to create it. And she loves to keep things simple! Years of being in a large corporation for leisure travel have left her with a strong desire to embrace flexibility and get back to the basics. Where To World operates with a great passion for authentic global travel – helping people journey abroad while arranging independent holidays specific to unique interests and immersive experiences. We avoid the larger groups but do not leave you to find your way on your own either. Along with our friends and colleagues we’ve gathered through the years, we join together to provide you with a unique and memorable experience savoring the wonderful pleasures of traveling the world.